Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Early Maintenance

I have been busy doing setup stuff for this blog and for my crafts. Haven't had much to post yet. I am in the process of setting up a semi-permanent soft life box and photography area in my unfinished room. Hopefully I will have a post up about it tomorrow!

Edit: Still fiddling with the site design. Bah!
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soft Light Box

Above is the product of my new soft light box that I built today. I still haven't figured out a good permanent place for it yet and I still need to fix my lighting. However I did get to play around with my girlfriend's new Canon EOS Rebel XSi. It was a lot of fun.

I used the plans from Darren's Rowse's blog to make my soft light box on the cheap. I knew that it was going to be an integral part of my miniature photography so I figured it would be a first starting step. It was super easy and made me feel like I accomplished a small task that wasn't related to my crappy day-to-day job.

Plus I got to drink a good beer during the whole process!

On Its Way

Just ordered a copy of Rag'Narok by Rackham! The package actually includes two large books, one with rules for playing Rag'Narok and another full of army information, or fluff as I usually call it. I'm super excited!

I am a huge fan of Rackham's metal miniature lineup that is now OOP (Out of Print). They decided to change their companies direction and now they only sell prepainted models at a much lower quality. I understand that their decision was an extremely intelligent business decision, but it kills me. Their lineup was getting massive and each new model was always more impressive than the last.


I'm trying to set some realistic expectations for this blog. Most of the time I have no direction whenever I start something new, therefore it just dies. This is some of the stuff I'm possibly going to submit here.

Monthly miniature painting - specifically a goblin each month
Excerpts from writings, possibly just a quick link off the main blog to keep it clean
Progress of ongoing army building projects
Random musings, I'll try to keep these at a minimum and short
House upgrades and creative decorations
Small peaks into my daily life outside of the things this blog typically involves
Use as much original photography and art as humanly possible
Joint artistic ventures with RiRiWillow
Sell some of my art through popular websites such as deviantART, Etsy, etc
And much, much more! (I couldn't help myself.)

I will try to avoid posting anything here that anybody could possibly make money by stealing. As a side note to myself I need to look into laws about online, national and international copyright.

Currently I'm working on my first Munny and a Mid-Nor Confrontation/Rag'narok army. I'm also planning on building a small photography light box for miniatures and small crafting art pieces that I will make in the future. I've also thought about dabbling in some artistic photography again.

With that I'm off to work on the blog design and hopefully hop into my bed soon.

Listening to Chevelle - Mia
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Family

We now refer to it as "The Family." Why didn't we go to mainland Japan with the family? I'm going to go there in the near future I think.
Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jelly Beans

Sitting here eating jellybeans and trying to remember how to use this thing. I plan on posting some of my creative work here soon. Thanks for visiting!